An interview with Erik Rock
Published on Sept. 21st 2018
  Q: Erik, tell us a bit about your own background and how it is that you decided to move to Coeur d’Alene to open Consign Furniture, and then just recently, Consign Jewelry. I understand you were already familiar with the area having visited extended family over the years.
  A: Well I grew up in the Reno/Tahoe area in Nevada. Had an amazing childhood. I was extremely driven and always pushed the limits of everything even as a kid.
My family owned and operated a pharmacy started by my grandfather Dick Rock that was in business for over 50 years. Started working at a very young age there putting labels on prescriptions, cleaning, and doing any and every child labor task my dad could think of lol. Went to high school there and attended the University of Nevada, Reno persuading a career in Finance, whatever that meant...???
Never thought I’d end up in the furniture and Jewelry space.
Our family went through some hard years, and timing for land development in Nevada was much less than optimal between 2000-2008. I watched my dad take a major hit when I was in college during those early 2000 years. It sucked.
To skip forward so this one questions doesn’t take a year....
Out of the ashes...Consign Furniture was born. At first I was not interested. This was my dads’ idea and he jumped right in. I stayed back and slowly became sold and my eyes became wide open to the possibilities of what we could do with this business.
  We started cranking in Reno and I saw my opportunity to jump and Coeur D’Alene would be my future. I was familiar with Coeur d’Alene because my Uncle Ron Rock and his family have lived in this area for nearly 40 years I believe. Ron is an owner and former CEO at Northwest Specialty Hospital and their real estate group purchased the old Beaudry Motorsport building in post falls and that was my moment to strike and take my first big risk,,, sold everything I had (which wasn’t much), left everything I’ve ever known, lived above the store for 8 months, my wife hated me....And here we are!! It all worked out!
  Q: From a Realtors perspective your business model seems to solve problems on both ends of the buying and selling spectrum. Buyers can find remarkable, unique pieces for their new homes while sellers and their listing agents seem to love what you do because you help them handle moving and selling furniture in a timely and profitable manner. For those unfamiliar with the store, how do you describe the full scope of your business and the key things that makes it so unique?
  A: Yes we are extremely fortunate to be so tied to real estate on every level. We love real estate agents because they help us sell our message and we facilitate an efficient, pain free way to deal with the furniture burden when it comes to moving for their clients! When homes are bought or sold our business is one of the beneficiaries for that process!
  Q: What do you appreciate most about working with so many of the top producing real estate agents in town?
  A: Well In all honesty real estate agents represent the heart beat of any community! Everything is tied to it one way or another and I appreciate that!! I’d be stupid to not hold that point close to my heart!
  Q: Tell us a bit about your new store within a store, Consign Jewelry, and again, what makes it so unique.
  A: Ok if you are reading this and haven’t been to the Liberty Lake location you should just come on down and see for yourself. I can honestly say we have created the most unique shopping experience in America,,,and we operate the largest footprint with over 60,000 square feet of retail space...the Largest store in the United States! And with the new edition of Jewelry we have just gone one step further run creating something that really doesn’t exist anywhere! Bring your love and have a date day at Consign Furniture and Jewelry!!!
  Q: Consign Furniture was the title sponsor of our first ever summer signature event with both Spokane & Coeur d’ Alene Real Producers. It was an amazing event. In working with you I really grew to appreciate the energy and spirit you bring to bear in your work. You seem to enjoy the creative elements of entrepreneurship as much as you do building a successful team environment and culture, and growing a great company. Given our publication reaches fellow business owners and top producing Realtors, I wanted to ask you to share a couple things you find are essential to continue to grow and build a reputable business.
  A: Well I’m living a dream right now! And yes dreams do come true.... once you kill yourself to defy all odds,,,Except the fact, that your life will be 10X more pain and stress, than joy and comfort,,, are willing to risk everything,,, bring passion and mass action to everything you do,,, use all 86,400 seconds in every single day wisely,,,and become fanatically obsessive about achieving, creating, and becoming valuable everywhere you go!!
  Not even sure if that answered the question but that message is valuable to anyone looking to advance their position in anything in life!
  Q: Speaking of your business, is it on the horizon? What are you excited about?
  A: I see this as a company that has the potential to reach amazing heights. Don’t see why I can’t put a location in every state in America???!!!! As the whole world marches to online for their shopping fixes I love that we can be the one company going the opposite direction! We love brick and mortar and we highly value an incredible physical experience!
  We now have three locations, Boise, Reno, and Liberty Lake,,,and will soon start plans to develop a property in Riverstone that we acquired late last year. Very excited about this one and it’s a slightly different concept for Riverstone in CDA. Look for that momentum to start relatively soon!!
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About Erik Rock...

Erik Rock is a 34 year old American Entrepreneur that owns and operates Consign Furniture LLC in Liberty Lake Washington, CDA Idaho, Reno Nevada, and Boise Idaho with his father and brother. The company was founded in 2008 by his Father Alan Rock. In 2018 he started Consign Jewelry LLC as well as ROCK PRODUCTIONS LOL. Erik is also a real estate investor, Owning a holdings company, 3 Rock’s LLC. 
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