End This Sh%t!
Published on Sept. 24th 2018
  ⚠️To the doers...the creators...the leaders,,, the ones who constantly-positively-disrupt, the champions...the ones who feel the fear and jump anyway...to the problem solvers, the ones who leave trails of great impact...to the ones that feel responsible for their communities,,,to the ones that grind, puke passion everywhere they go, inspire, motivate, energize, and constantly give, to the ones who control their emotions, thoughts, actions, and intentions, to the class acts....to the ones who hit hard, the ones that never take NO for an answer, to the winners who HATE EXCUSES!!!! 
This one’s for you! 👊
This world is filled with too many people expecting people to take care of their problems! 
End this Sh%t 👊 

- Erik Rock
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Mission Statement:
Positively effecting lives, bleeding a trail of creation with passion & purpose, leaving a huge impact on this world before I die!

About Erik Rock...

Erik Rock is a 34 year old American Entrepreneur that owns and operates Consign Furniture LLC in Liberty Lake Washington, CDA Idaho, Reno Nevada, and Boise Idaho with his father and brother. The company was founded in 2008 by his Father Alan Rock. In 2018 he started Consign Jewelry LLC as well as ROCK PRODUCTIONS LOL. Erik is also a real estate investor, Owning a holdings company, 3 Rock’s LLC. 
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