Rules Rules Rules Worth Living By!!!
Published on Sept. 21st 2018
  Lots of revelations in my life thus far!  
No excuses!
F all your poor excuses!!!
Fixate on your Dreams!
Impose your WILL on your goals and ambitions!!
Think Deeply! Never stop THINKING!!
Always be learning! CRAVE KNOWLEDGE!
Never take NO for an answer!
Find a way!
Turn Stress into Productive Energy!
Grind harder, hustle smarter,,,
OUT-WORK Everyone around you!!!!
Do the little things when nobody is watching!! (Trust me someone notices!!! )
Details, small details!
They matter MOST!
Never lay down, hit hard!
Play the f ing game better than your opponents, rivals, challengers, co workers, competition WHOEVER!!!
Trust your gut...unless you don't have one!!
Crush goals, then instantly set new ones!!!
Crave more responsibility! Ask for more responsibility or Demand it!!
Even better.
Ask for opportunity. You'd be surprised!
Show your passion heart and vulnerabilities!!!
Leave all that on the table!
Take Huge risks,,, why not,,, got only one life...right??
Fail fail fail....all that does is eventually turn to WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!
Silver linings are in all of our mistakes!
Look for them!!
Do everything BIGGGGG!!!!!
Learn to CAPITALIZE on every single opportunity!
Achieve something, anything...everyday!!
Find time to Sweat everyday!
Never underestimate the power of ENDORPHINS!!
Have a strict healthy ROUTINE!
Amazing how strict routine can shape you!
Remember:: one thing money can't buy...HEALTH!
Have an quality AURA!
WREAK positive vibes everywhere you go!
A class act always has advantage!
Your actions will always define your character!
Never forget CHARACTER!!
Constantly make connections!
CONNECTIONS that connect you to opportunities!!
Be like-able!!
Give respect.
Demand respect.
Be a leader!!
Have a big heart.
Be the person people reach out to when they need help or advice!!
Make everyone around you better!
Hold yourself to extremely HIGH STANDARDS! Force those around you to compete with those same standards!
Live with compassion love and purpose! Opportunity is everywhere it's just really hard to see.
Too many people complain lay down and want someone else to take care of their problems.
Want someone to blame?
Blame yourself.
These are my revelations over the last 10 years!
This is how to win in life!!
- Erik Rock
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Erik Rock is a 34 year old American Entrepreneur that owns and operates Consign Furniture LLC in Liberty Lake Washington, CDA Idaho, Reno Nevada, and Boise Idaho with his father and brother. The company was founded in 2008 by his Father Alan Rock. In 2018 he started Consign Jewelry LLC as well as ROCK PRODUCTIONS LOL. Erik is also a real estate investor, Owning a holdings company, 3 Rock’s LLC. 
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