Published on Nov. 15th 2018
What is Self-Discipline
It’s your thoughts
It’s your emotions
It’s your actions
It’s your aura
It’s your vibes
It’s controlling the space around you
Self Discipline is...
Sticking with it. Never giving up!
It’s when everyone leaves...and you’re still there!!
It’s fighting temptation!
Taking roads less traveled!
It’s putting yourself in the most vulnerable of situations!
It’s often not popular!
It often is painful and has little immediate reward!
It’s Punching...when you have no punches left
It’s giving 10 when you only have 5
It’s one more rep when your heart is about to explode!
It’s obsessing....obsessively obsessing about achieving
It’s 9pm SLEEP 😴 or 9pm GRIND
...but no 9pm BS!!!
It’s 7 Days a week!
It’s Christmas, birthdays, holidays, weekends...365 Days a year!
It’s in your dreams while you sleep!
It’s in your eyes, in your step, in your your heart beat!
It’s hunger, passion, relentless fortitude!
There is no end game!
Self Discipline is the key to everything worthwhile!!!
I promise 🙏
- Erik Rock
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About Erik Rock...

Erik Rock is a 34 year old American Entrepreneur that owns and operates Consign Furniture LLC in Liberty Lake Washington, CDA Idaho, Reno Nevada, and Boise Idaho with his father and brother. The company was founded in 2008 by his Father Alan Rock. In 2018 he started Consign Jewelry LLC as well as ROCK PRODUCTIONS LOL. Erik is also a real estate investor, Owning a holdings company, 3 Rock’s LLC. 
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